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You created this weet looking website/blog/page. It's rich and you can almost taste the graphics. Then you pull it up on your phone at your friend's house. 30 seconds find your friend dozing off while waiting on the page to load.

We've all been there. We've even thought about going back to Web1.0, cause it loads super fast.


Don't ditch your slick site! Add a CDN!


I am trying to become an affiliate of MaxCDN. Take my words with a grain of salt. You should know though, I am no different than you. I just want to write stuff for a page, that looks pretty cool.

I'm going to spend my money wisely and choose what works best for me. You have to consider cost of ownership, time to maintain the site and its dependencies, and ease of adding content. For me, the best solution I found was MaxCDN combined with NoNumber's CDN Extension for Joomla

If you buy the pro version of the extension, which really is worth it, in my opinion, you can get full HTTPS support. I created a modern website, modern websites at a minimum should support the latest standard HTTPS features. I make no money (*yet*) on this site. That doesn't mean I should run an unsecured service.

How did I do it?

  1. Download the extension from the above URL (basic or Pro)
  2. Upload extension to Joomla
  3. Go to Extensions / Manage / Plugins
  4. Click on the System - [...] CDN Plugin
  5. If you use a sub-directory to access your site's root, put that in the 'Site Root' line. For most, '/' is correct.
  6. ***NOTICE***This part really confused me lol. Reading for the win. CDN domain is the CNAME for your MaxCDN Zone. Creation of the zone is beyond the scope of this article.
  7. Modify the remaining options based on your preferences. As my site is HTTPS enabled, and I downloaded the Pro version, I set the HTTPS option here to "Forced". I want 0 items being served from my encrypted website 'unencrypted'.
  8. That is it! I tested this by using Mozilla Firefox. Enabling the dev tools 'Ctrl + Shift + I'. Clicking the Gear/Cog. Disabling "caching". Then Go to the 'Network' tab. Reload the page. Look at the 'Domain' column. This should match the CDN Zone CNAME.